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Types of Cars: What Fits You Best?

Jun 9, 2019 12:00:00 PM / by Wes

Find the best sedan, best compact SUV,  and others for your situation.

At one point or another, we’ve all dreamed of that special car we all want. Maybe you’ve even wished for it. However, life isn’t a lamp with a genie in tow, and deciding what suits your needs best can be a little tricky.

How does one determine whether an SUV, compact car, sports car/convertible, sedan, or coupe is best for them? Let’s break down the pros and cons of each.

Different types of cars

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Deciding on which car model to purchase can be difficult. The allure of a new car is too much for some people as they typically don’t keep their eye on what they need and instead concentrate on what they desire. Every car model out there has all sorts of positives, but negatives can be there as well. Below is a helpful list to use when weighing out your car options:



Convertible pros and cons

Pros: The look of a convertible is just too hard to pass up for most people. One of the positives is the feeling of freedom and fresh air with the top down. Just like a coupe, convertibles are light and usually offer higher performance packages. They also sit lower to the ground.

Cons: Convertibles offer less passenger room than other vehicles. Trunk space is also very limited, so if you’re planning a road trip you’ll need to pack light. Security issues can also be a problem as convertible tops are easy to break into than hardtops. You shouldn’t ever leave anything valuable in your car to begin with, but even more so with a convertible. A convertible soft top at some point will wither due to weather and fabric will tear, this could create leaks as well as other foreseeable problems. As much fun as riding with the top down can be, you’re also in direct contact with pollution and allergies.


Picking the right vehicle to own is important. There are many factors to consider, but it’s always wise to choose based on your needs compared to wants. Get something that will last you a long time while helping you take care of the things you need to.


Sedan pros and cons

Pros: You may not realize it, but low ground clearance results in a lower center of gravity, which reduces a rollover risk. Low ground clearance also helps you get in and out of your car easier. You’ll also find that you’ll pay a lot less for a sedan compared to other vehicle models. Insurance costs tend to be lower as well. Just like SUVs, ample space can accommodate 4 to 5 passengers. Sedans are highly fuel-efficient as well.

Cons: There aren’t many, but they still matter. For as much passenger space that is offered, cargo space is minimal, which can be a problem if you’re trying to haul several items. The lower seating position for drivers and passengers alike presents challenges as it inhibits visibility.


Compact car pros and cons

Pros: Compact vehicles are without question the best cars that get good gas mileage. If you’re looking to save money at the pump, you can’t go wrong with a compact car. The price of a compact car is significantly less than a larger car if you’re buying on a budget. They’re easier to park and maneuver and are considered more reliable because they are the most basic of all vehicles and used heavily worldwide. In addition, and probably the most interesting positive, is that they have a good resale value which can help with a trade-in down the road should you want to get a different vehicle.

Cons: It isn’t all rainbows and fairies when it comes to compact cars. They’re smaller, which means smaller engines, which in turn means less horsepower so it can take longer to get to faster speeds. One of the more obvious drawbacks is the lack of space for both passengers and cargo.



SUV pros and cons

Pros: They can be sporty, flashy, and reliable when it comes to safety features. Even when you head off-road or run into adverse weather conditions, SUVs provide a level of comfort and safety that’s rarely found in another type of vehicle model. High-ground clearance helps ensure increased visibility for the driver, too. In addition, seating capacity is increased with the average SUV offering 5-9 passengers allowed. SUVs can also assist in towing, and with all that extra space, hauling becomes easier.

Cons: As good as a larger size car can be, maneuvering difficulties are plenty. Parking can also be an issue for some drivers. With gas prices on the rise, you’ll feel a dent in your wallet as SUVs command bigger fuel tanks, thus leaving you spending a lot at the pump. They also give out more CO2 emissions than smaller vehicles, which makes them not the most idea cars to use in a city environment. Get the best SUV for the price you can find while also considering gas mileage and other factors.


Coupe pros and cons

Pros: The look of a coupe is modern, which is a great selling point. It’s a stylish vehicle type with a sporty look. Its lightweight design and lower drag coefficient mean it’s good on fuel efficiency. In addition, acceleration and power are obtained easily while driving a coupe. It’s also just plain fun to drive. Performance enhancements are easier to add to a coupe simply due to its smaller design.

Cons: As you can imagine, space isn’t something coupe designers worried too much about. Trunk and passenger space are very limited, so if you’re used to chauffeuring multiple people around, a coupe may not be in your best interest.

Happy car shopping!


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