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Model Overview: 2016 Honda Fit Reviews and Specs

by The Pit Boss

Review of the 2016 Honda Fit

The 2016 Honda Fit is one of the most fuel-efficient vehicles in the Honda lineup, and one of the newer offerings from the popular car manufacturer. Debuted in 2001, this hatchback is equal parts economical and fun.


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On A Budget? Check Out The Best Sports Cars Under $30K

by Wes

The Best Sports Cars Under $30k

The look of a brand-spanking-new sports car is hard to pass up. The latest and greatest designs will capture anyone’s attention, but is it really worth it?

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How to Get a Custom Paint Job for Your car

by Wes

Customizing your own car is a big decision.

It’s typical for the owner of a muscle car or classic car to repaint their pride and joy for the obvious reason of keeping it looking new. Also, it helps pad their investment even more if they decide to sell it down the road.

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The History of an American Icon: Chevrolet Corvette

by Wes

The Chevrolet Corvette is as American as apple pie.

When you think of America, what comes to mind? For some people, it’s the thought of an apple pie. For others, it’s a mention of two of our greatest presidents, George Washington or Abraham Lincoln. For me, it’s the
Chevrolet Corvette.

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Rev It Up: The Ultimate Speed and Muscle Rides

by Wes

Let’s face it, sports cars and muscle cars rule the road and it isn’t even close.

In a world that is dominated by SUVs and compact cars, it seems like the sports car and muscle car have faded into oblivion. Not so, in fact, there are more available today than ever before.