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How does RumbleOn’s O.B.O. Program work for cars, trucks, and SUVs?

Sep 22, 2019, 2:00:00 PM / by The Pit Boss

It’s simple! If you get an offer from one of our competitors to buy your vehicle, just send it to us and we’ll raise your RumbleOn Cash Offer! We are so confident that we can beat any offer from our competitors that we'll give you an extra $250 e-Gift Card if we can't.


Trying to sell a car? We have you covered. 

RumbleOn is the best place to sell a car online. We’ll send you a free cash offer in 15 minutes or less, and you never have to leave the couch! Sell your car to RumbleOn today. 

Get my cash offer to sell my car or truck


Why is getting your best cash offer online so important to us? Because we know how tiresome hopping around from dealership to dealership to sell your car can be—the hustle is enough to turn perfectly healthy hair gray! At RumbleOn, we’re all about ease and efficiency, and getting your RumbleOn O.B.O. (Our Best Offer) Cash Offer is the bright red cherry on top.  

How to sell a car for the best offer

Does RumbleOn's O.B.O. Program beat competing offers?

We do! Here’s how it works:

  1. Submit your vehicle’s VIN number for a cash offer from RumbleOn.
  2. In just 15 minutes, we’ll send you a real-time RumbleOn Cash Offer.
  3. If you think you can get a better value for your vehicle than RumbleOn’s original cash offer, then send us proof of a legitimate competing dealership’s offer within five days of issuance. Our team will review it further. 
  4. If we’re able to beat this new dealer offer, we’ll send you a revised RumbleOn Cash Offer. If we are unable to beat the dealership, we’ll send you a $250 e-Gift Card reward just for participating in our O.B.O. Program. 

How do I get my $250 with the RumbleOn O.B.O. program?

If we are unable to beat the competing dealership’s offer for your car, truck, or SUV, then you’ll need to fill out this form in order to get the ball rolling on your $250 reward. Once the form is complete and you’ve provided us with the required documentation and a formal bill of sale, we’ll email you an online Rewards Genius code to access the $250 e-Gift Card reward. Processing can take up to six (6) weeks. 

Sell a car online

What’s a RumbleOn ‘O.B.O.’ Cash Offer?

‘Our Best Offer’ means you’ll be getting the maximum value for your car, truck, or SUV. We do not base our cash offers on Kelley Blue Book values; instead, we collect live market data and assign a real value to your vehicle. This way, you never have to worry about haggling at a dealership.   

Sell a car online

Do I have to accept my O.B.O. Cash Offer?

No, all RumbleOn Cash Offers are no-obligation, so you can choose to forgo your offer at any time. Keep in mind, however, that cash offers from RumbleOn expire five (5) days after you initially receive one. During this time, you’re free to shop around and visit an official, licensed dealership to find a better offer (though, we’d be surprised if you did!). 

While we are incredibly confident in our O.B.O. program, RumbleOn recognizes that you might want to explore different options, so go for it! Just know we’ll always be ready and willing to do business with you, even if that means outdoing our competitors!  


Looking for the fastest way to sell a car for the most cash? 

Like many vehicle owners, I wanted to find a way to sell my car for free without the hassle. RumbleOn not only helped me sell my SUV fast and haggle-free, they also handled all the paperwork and picked it up at no cost! At RumbleOn, we’re so confident in our cash offers that if you sell an SUV, truck, or other vehicle to u, but get a better offer from a legitimate competing dealer, we’ll give you $250. Easy as that. Get started on your best cash offer today. 

Get my cash offer to sell my car or truck

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