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Standing Out From The Crowd: How RumbleOn is Different

Aug 4, 2019 6:00:00 PM / by The Pit Boss


RumbleOn is the best place to sell a car. We do things differently here. 

Car listing sites usually have many hoops you need to jump through before you even get to the actual selling process, which can be a hassle in its own right. RumbleOn offers so much more than a car listing site, we're straightforward and stress-free, we accept trade-ins, and more. Want more examples how RumbleOn is different than the other guys? Check this out. 

RumbleOn car selling

Trying to figure out where to sell a car? Give RumbleOn a try!

There are lots of car selling sites out there, but RumbleOn is ahead of the pack with the 15-minutes-or-less cash offer. It’s simple: send us your vehicle’s VIN and receive a cash offer fast.

Get my cash offer to sell my car or truck


Car listing sites and other cars-for-sale businesses tout their top-quality customer service, but RumbleOn has made excellent customer service a priority since its inception. Selling and trading vehicles isn’t just a specialty of ours, it’s a passion.


You can sell a car for free. Seriously.

Listing sites are a popular option for people who either don’t have time to spend at a dealership or want to see if they can get more for their car. You want to get maximum return when you sell your car, and we understand. You can get great value on your car when you sell to RumbleOn, but let’s explore the hassles of selling with the “other guys” or privately. 

1) Other sites say bye-bye to your privacy. This is especially true when you’re trying to sell a car privately. You have to provide contact information including phone numbers, email addresses and more. 

How RumbleOn is different: RumbleOn is a safe and secure site, publicly traded on the Nasdaq (RMBL) and a member of the BBB. There are no problems with security or privacy here!


2) With other sites, you’re not exactly sure who you’re meeting. Meeting someone face-to-face is stressful enough, but when it comes to selling a vehicle on sites like Craigslist, you’re practically casting out a net and trying to reel in anyone you can. That leaves the door open to meeting complete strangers and security can become a factor. Who wants that? Not me.

How RumbleOn is different: Whether you want to sell a car, buy a pre-owned vehicle, or trade a car or truck, it’s all done online. With RumbleOn, there are no shady meetups and no sketchy deals. You don’t even have to leave your house. Unless, of course, you decide to take our mobile app on the go, but the choice is yours!

RumbleOn cash offer

3) Other sites have negotiation and other hassles involved. Whether you choose to list on sites like Ebay or sell privately, negotiating a final price can be a trying experience. You know the potential buyer wants a deal but you need to receive a good amount for your vehicle, so finding that middle ground is difficult. More often than not, the buyer will get the better end of the deal.

How RumbleOn is different: we are a hassle-free and no-haggle experience. From a guaranteed, no-obligation cash offer, to straightfoward and no b.s. sales and trades, we aim to make the process to buy, sell, and trade vehicles a smooth experience.


4) Other sites' listing fees can be pricey. One of the most popular listing sites, Ebay, charges a boatload to post your vehicle for sale.

If you’re selling one car on Ebay, what's known as a “successful listing fee” or “insertion fee” will require you to pay $60 if the vehicle is priced at or under $2,000, and you’ll pay $125 if it’s priced over that amount. It doesn’t stop there: with Ebay, there’s a final value fee which charges 10% on the final sale price.

In addition, there are fees charged for low-volume sellers versus high-volume sellers. Low-volume refers to sellers who post fewer than four cars per calendar year and high-volume is at least seven vehicles. The fee for that varies from $60 to $125 depending on the vehicle sale price.

How RumbleOn is different: we don’t charge anything to sell a vehicle. We process your paperwork, organize the pickup of your vehicle, and take care of the nitty-gritty all free of charge. Let us go to work for you, and sell your car for free!

Sell a car the easy way with RumbleOn

Get my cash offer to sell my car or truck

As you can see, with traditional ways to sell a car or truck, there are many fees and time-consuming hurdles that are piled on before anyone even gets their eyes on your vehicle. You can avoid all of this by choosing to sell your vehicle to RumbleOn. It all starts with providing us with your vehicle’s VIN and you’ll then receive a cash offer sent to the email address you provide within 15 minutes or less. You have five days to accept the cash offer, so be sure to decide quickly. Once you have accepted, a RumbleOn Representative will contact you and email all the necessary documents that need to be signed. These documents will be emailed anywhere from 24 to 48 hours depending on when you accept your cash offer. 

It’s up to you on how you’d like to receive the cash offer payment. You can choose payment through either direct deposit or check. We recommend a direct deposit simply because it’s quicker, easier, and more efficient. 

The main benefit to the selling process is the fact that it’s all completely free. There are no listing prices, no up-front costs, no anything. You can list a car or truck for sale without the stress of needing to shell out any money. 


Looking to trade in a car? You can trade for anything!

There are so many car listing sites out there that promise you all sorts of benefits only to find out that it was all too good to be true from the beginning. RumbleOn breaks away from the pack when it comes to a secure selling process and fast payment. 

Car and Truck trade in

Traditionally, trading a vehicle was done through a dealership. Car trade-in value varies from dealership to dealership, but at the end of the day you’re not going to get full value for your trade-in. That’s just how the game works. Everyone deserves to get maximum value for their trade in, and RumbleOn does just that. 

We make it easy to trade in your car or truck. The best part is, you can trade your vehicle for anything in our inventory. Trade a car for a truck? You can do that. Trade a motorcycle for a car? Absolutely. You aren’t relegated to trade rules when it comes to a vehicle you want. The process is simple and stress-free. All you have to do is submit your vehicle for a free cash offer, then you can either keep the cash or apply it toward the cost of any vehicle in the RumbleOn inventory. 


Sell a car with RumbleOn and receive a quick cash offer.

We want you to sell your car to us so you can experience the best selling process in the business. No listing fees, no games, no gimmicks, just an upfront cash offer that’s sent in 15 minutes or less. You can also trade in a car or truck for anything in our inventory. Motorcycle, ATV, car, truck -- whatever you want to trade for, we’ll make it happen. “Sell my car?” Yes, sell your car to us. We’ll do the heavy lifting so you won’t have to. We will pick up your car for free, too. 

Get my cash offer to sell my car or truck

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