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FAQ: What's the Countdown Timer to Buy a Car on

Jul 28, 2019 6:00:00 PM / by The Pit Boss

RumbleOn's countdown timer is helpful when you shop for a used car online.

Thanks to RumbleOn, it’s never been easier to buy a used car online. However, if you’ve recently browsed any of our RumbleOn cars or trucks for sale, you’ve probably noticed the countdown timer displayed on every unit in our inventory or at the top of the vehicle’s detail page. What is it?

Details Page Timer

RumbleOn has used cars for sale at value prices.

If you're looking for cars for sale online, RumbleOn is your go-to resource. You an buy a used car and see the perks immediately including a 30-Day Mechanical Guarantee, a third-party condition report, 3-Day or 150-Mile Money Back Guarantee, and affordable shipping to your driveway. Shop used cars today at!

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Why is there a countdown timer on

One of the things that make RumbleOn the best place to buy a used car or truck is that we aim to provide our customers with a V.I.P chance to buy a used car or truck before dealers can. That way, you can lock in a value-price that you won’t find anywhere else, and get first-come, first-served access to quality trucks and cars for sale. The RumbleOn countdown timer serves to tell you how much time you have to take advantage of our exclusive prices and buy a used car or truck before even dealers have access at auction.

Don’t worry though, as soon as you begin the transaction and either put the vehicle on hold or start the purchase, the timer will stop.


Looking for available RumbleOn cars? The timer is your best friend.

RumbleOn trucks and cars are stored at different locations all over the country so that we can ship anywhere in the lower 48 states. Similarly, we also schedule our housed inventory to be sold at auctions across the nation, so we need a way to tell our customers when that particular car or truck will be auctioned and no longer available for purchase.

Inventory Timer

Losing out on the opportunity to purchase a vehicle is a horrible feeling. That’s why it is of the utmost importance to keep an eye on the vehicle timer. Once time runs out, the vehicle goes straight to auction and is no longer available for sale. A good rule of thumb is to plan accordingly so you don’t get caught with a timer reading 00:00:00. 

Running out of time to purchase your next vehicle is the worst thing to possibly happen during a transaction, and we want to do everything in our power to ensure you get the vehicle you want. Unfortunately, once the timer runs out, you are no longer able to purchase it.


How do I buy a used car or truck from RumbleOn?

RumbleOn makes it easy to buy a used car or truck. It all begins with visiting our site and browsing our inventory. Once you’ve made your selection, you have the choice to either put the vehicle on hold or begin the purchase process right away.

If you choose to place a vehicle on hold, the process is simple. Please note that in order to place any vehicle on hold, you will need to be logged into your RumbleOn account. 

  1. Once you’ve found the car or truck you want, click the “Hold” option.
  2. You will be redirected to PayPal to place a fully refundable $250 deposit.
  3. The vehicle will be taken off the site and held for 24 hours. 
  4. A RumbleOn Representative will contact you to finalize the transaction.

If you are planning on purchasing the vehicle without placing a hold, take note of the following steps:

  1. Click “Start Purchase” on the vehicle’s page.
  2. You will be asked for the preferred method of payment that includes cash or financing.
  3. If you wish to finance your vehicle, you’ll be redirected to our online financing application. Complete the application and a RumbleOn Representative will reach out to finalize the purchase.
  4. If you’re paying cash, a RumbleOn Representative will contact you to finalize the payment process.

Buy a used car or truck online from RumbleOn

If I buy a vehicle before the timer runs out, what are some benefits?

There are many perks that come with any and every vehicle you purchase from RumbleOn. 

Perk #1: Affordable door-to-door vehicle shipping. We will ship your car or truck anywhere in the lower-48 states for a flat-rate fee of $499. If you live outside of the lower-48 states, we will ship the vehicle to the port closest to your location. 

Perk #2: Each vehicle comes with a money-back guarantee. Each vehicle comes standard with a 3-Day or 150-Mile Money-Back Guarantee. If you are not 100% satisfied, we will take it back and refund the purchase directly into your bank account once the vehicle is back in our possession. If your car or truck is financed, we will cancel the loan with the lender once the vehicle has been returned and then your payment will be promptly returned to you. 

Perk #3: The RumbleOn Mechanical Guarantee covers everything. Each RumbleOn car or truck receives a 30-day Mechanical Guarantee from the date you buy the vehicle. The Mechanical Guarantee is 100% free and covers all mechanical issues including oil leaks, battery issues, loose belts, and more. Please note a new Guarantee or extended coverage can be filed if you so choose. RumbleOn does not cover a mechanical problem that occurs due to negligence or carelessness. 

Perk #4: We take care of the paperwork. We will send paperwork to be filled out and sent back to us. Once we receive the required forms with all of the necessary information, the vehicle will be yours. 


Have any more questions about RumbleOn? Drop a comment or send us an email and we might feature your question in our next blog!


RumbleOn has lots of cars for sale online! 

You can shop used cars without the stress with RumbleOn.  You can shop used cars, look into car trade-ins, and more! Every used car that leaves our inventory automatically comes with a 30-Day Mechanical Guarantee, 3-Day or 150-mile Money Back Guarantee, third-party full condition report, and affordable shipping. Buy a used car from us today!

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