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The Batmobile and Its Transformations On The Silver Screen

Jul 21, 2019 6:00:00 PM / by Wes

Is the Batmobile the most famous car in movie history? Probably.

This particular article is going to contain a heavy amount of nerdiness, so I apologize ahead of time. The Batmobile has long been a favorite vehicle of mine and for good reason. Every Batman movie has featured its own version of the Batmobile, and each one, in my opinion, never disappoints. 

Evolution of the Batmobile

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Every hero needs his or her trusty steed, and the Batmobile is by far the most recognizable of any superhero vehicle. That distinctive black paint, the rough exterior, classic Batman gadgets; you know the Batmobile when you see it. I personally love the fact that it’s never been the same design over its 80-year history. Change is a good thing, and it’s never been more apparent than with the Batmobile. 


Of all the cars in movies, the Batmobile has changed the most.

As big of a classic car buff I am, the Batmobile outdoes all of them combined. It’s just so cool looking and unlike anything that has ever been built for a movie. But the car hasn’t always just been relegated to the silver screen. The Batmobile made its official introduction into the comic book universe in 1939 as an ordinary-looking, red car. From its basic-looking beginnings until now, it’s gone through many transformations.


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Written by Wes

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