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What Vehicle Should Be Your Getaway in a Zombie Apocalypse? (Quiz)

Apr 9, 2021 11:33:32 AM / by Wes

Don’t Get Left Behind During a Zombie Apocalypse Without The Proper Escape Vehicle.

Put your thinking cap on for just a second and imagine the following: a sudden virus breaks out and half of the world’s population has transformed into brain-eating zombies. What do you do? It may sound crazy, but I’ve often thought about this scenario. I’ve traveled down this rabbit-hole so far that I’ve even contemplated my getaway vehicle. Am I going mad? I don’t think so. It’s better to be safe than sorry. The movie, “Zombieland” immediately comes to mind when I think of anything related to zombies. I’d be happy to take a bat to their craniums just like Woody Harrelson's character does. 

What should you drive in the zombie apocalypse?

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With Halloween right around the corner, there was no better subject to discuss than this. We’ve compiled a quiz that will help you decide on the perfect getaway vehicle should zombies make their presence known. Set aside a few minutes and answer the questions. We’ll do the rest for you!

Comment below with your results and then share with your friends so they can be prepared as well!


Written by Wes

As a veteran motorcycle rider and garage gearhead, I'm no spring chicken. I'm here to give tips for beginner motorcycle riders and car enthusiasts, and teach the ways of the road.