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The Best Electric Cars of 2017

May 8, 2019 1:52:00 PM / by Wes

Electric cars 2017: the best electric vehicles we saw on the road.

It amazes me how far we have come in the automotive industry. The technology behind electric cars is truly fascinating and in 2017, it was coming to the forefront with ferocity.

Electric car

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I sometimes feel like we’re living in the future right now. They may not offer the “sex appeal” of today’s muscle cars or other gas-guzzlers, but one thing is for sure; they’re great for technology and the environment. Plus, they’re pretty dang cool to look at, too. 2017 saw a huge year in electric vehicle purchases and newer cars that sparked the market. As we take a look at the not-so-distant past, there are a few vehicles that set the tone for the best electric car brands.

If you want to buy a used car, here are the best electric cars of 2017.

 Electric car companies were primed to spoil all of us. Maybe it’s just a sign of me getting older and more forgetful (more likely), but it seems like we just started rolling out electric cars. If you haven’t been under a rock like me the last few years, you’ve seen the advancements made in the electric-car industry. What used to be a handful of electric cars a few years ago has blossomed, and in 2017 there were many different makes and models you could choose from. Please note: though the electric car prices are a bit steep, it’s important to keep in mind these are from two years ago and, if still keeping their value, it’s worth every penny in the long-run.

The below car makes/models are two years old at this point, but nonetheless, I’d suggest these as the best used electric cars you can own with the help of the U.S. News & World Report.

  • BMW i3 ($42,400; Range: 81-114 miles): I bet you didn’t know a luxury brand made an electric car. Combine its 107-horsepower engine with a lightweight carbon fiber body and you’ll be surprised how quick it accelerates. With state-of-the-art technology and an interior comprised of recycled and renewable materials, it feels like this car was manufactured in 2030, not 2017.
  • Fiat 500e ($32,995; Range: 84 miles): Size doesn’t always matter. This car has a ton of personality and comes in fun color options. The interior is retro-styled and chock-full of fancy tech features including a 5.0-inch touch screen, voice commands and much more. Attention city dwellers: this is the perfect car choice.
  • Tesla Model X ($85,500; Range 237-295 miles): This car sets the bar and no other car, including its sister Model S, comes close. Its midsize SUV design can seat up to seven passengers. Its panoramic windshield offers amazing views, an industry-best touchscreen, autopilot and summon modes, as well as an exclusive Supercharger system. This electric SUV truly has it all without leaving a hint of a carbon footprint.
  • Tesla Model S ($69,500; Range: 249-335 miles): If you’re looking for the ultimate electric car, this is it. Obviously, it’s not for everyone given the price point. Its acceleration rate is highly surprising for an electric car (0-60 in 2.5 seconds). Talk about state-of-the-art technology, you can enjoy over-the-air updates, autopilot mode, and a huge 17-inch touch-screen infotainment system.
Best electric car

You can find low price electric cars if you look hard enough.

It’s no secret that electric cars can (or in this case could) be pricey. Their are a few that are cheaper than you think:

  • Ford Focus Electric ($29,120; Range: 115 miles): This car offers an exceptional range due to its stellar 33.5 kWh battery. Its power capability is surprising clocking in at a beastly 143 horsepower. It’s pretty much the same as its gas-model sibling retaining the same quality interior and athletic handling.
  • Nissan Leaf ($30,680; Range: 107 miles): Touted as the “best-selling highway-capable all-electric car of all time,” this 107-horsepower vehicle comes equipped with a 30 kWh battery that can travel 107 miles per charge. Though it’s considered a compact car, the passenger and cargo space rivals its midsize competition which is quite impressive.
  • Volkswagen e-Golf ($28,995; Range 125 miles): Volkswagens have long been revered for their mechanical soundness as well as gas mileage. The Golf model is no exception with an impressive range. Its sporty design is similar to its gas-powered parent Golf model but with all the futuristic knick-knacks that work well to sell among the younger crowd.
  • Hyundai Ioniq ($29,500; Range: 124 miles): Described as a traditional hybrid, it’s also an electric car and plug-in as well. It’s the first of its kind being described as all three. It boasts an upscale interior complete with a 7-inch touch-screen that contains Apple CarPlay and Android Auto. For those that thought Hyundai couldn’t get into the electric-car game, this car puts that argument to rest.

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